Wednesday, February 12, 2020


NURSING LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT FIELD EXPERIENCE - Essay Example Much worse is the fact that many patients are missed out of diagnosis that will follow the emergency care of these patients (Attard Biancardi, 2013). The American cardiology college, American heart association and the European society of cardiology, jointly recommended the minimum time of intervention on ST elevated myocardial infarction patient as 90 minutes from the time of medical contact (Brodie, et al. 2010). They went further to make it a policy used to predetermine the quality performance on patients with myocardial infarction by hospitals. The findings on the hospital performance are recorded in the registry hence used to assess the performance of the respective hospitals. However, from records obtained from hospitals participating in the national registry of myocardial infarction, there is a small percentage of compliance to the guidelines. For instance in the year 2009, there was 35 percent of patients with ST elevated myocardial infarction attended to within the first 90 minutes and less than 15 percent of the participating hospitals had a median of 90 minutes in the time taken to attend to the these patients as Correi a, et al.(2013) observed . Willson et al. (2010) established that there are different subgroups of patients that are more susceptible to delays than others are. For example, most patients that are brought in during the off hours (weekends and during the night) experience more delays than those brought in during the day and the week. Second are the patients referred forms other facilities of acute care, since there is a problem in coordinating the two facilities on the emergency basis. According to the observations made by Cheskes et al. (2011), every minute of delay in patient with STEMI affects one-year mortality. In fact, the 1-year mortality rate is elevated by over 7.5 percent for every 30 minutes delay as observed by Pitta, et al. (2010). Explanation

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