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A Literature Review The Walden University Library Essay

A literature review is an interpretation of arrays of circulating articles written by the scholar-authors’ of researchers related to several topics. A literature search for evidence-based research can be overpowering. The Walden University library illuminates on the superlative quality of evidence-based research and which databases to utilize with research searches. Filtered resources are the superlative quality of studies related to evidence-based practice and encompasses systemic reviews, critically appraised topics, and critically-appraised individual articles while unfiltered resources are second along the pecking order which includes â€Å"randomized control trials, cohort trials, case-control studies, case series, and case reports (Walden Library, 2015, para. 6). Lastly is the background information and expert opinion, which inherently are not backed by evidence-based studies and comprises â€Å"point-of-care resources, textbooks, conference proceedings, etc.† (W alden Library, 2015, para. 7). Arrays of individuals diagnosed with cancer experiences anguish and deterioration related to uncontrolled pain. According to Paley (2015), â€Å"Forty percent of people with early or intermediate stage cancer and 90% with advanced cancer have moderate to severe pain and up to 70% of patients with cancer inherently do not receive sufficient pain relief† (p. 1). Definitely, there has to be an enhanced approach to alleviate cancer patients’ pain, hence what is the superlative interventions toShow MoreRelatedThe Use Of Off-Label Drug Use In Pediatrics829 Words   |  4 PagesFDA indications when possible. When prescribing off-label, records should show that prescribers do so with good reason. Does your off-label prescribing practice follow accepted guidelines? Is there research showing its benefit? Is there reputable literature recommending the drugs use? Careful prescribing can decrease the risk of any adverse effects (Mayhew, 2009) However, several drugs like albuterol, which were once commonly used off label in children, later were found to be ineffective or have seriousRead MoreSuicide : Suicide And Depression1389 Words   |  6 Pagesstressor. But, consequently suicidal death is dependent on several factors; therefore, developing models of safety and prevention would help decrease the number of suicide in jails in prisons (Marzaro et al., 2011). The purpose of this paper to review current literature and studies to determine to correlation depressive disorder and factors associated with the suicide attempts and suicidal deaths in prisons. PICOT Question Evidence-based research can influence the adoption of the best practices nursing.Read MoreEmployee Satisfaction And Performance Advantage1477 Words   |  6 Pagesvaluable information that leaders can benefit from a survey, such as profitability, employee retention, productivity, customer loyalty, and safety variables. Thus, employee’s survey reported at a business level are more efficient and less dependent on review length because item-level measurements are fewer concerns (Harter, J. K., Schmidt, F. L., Hayes, T. L, 2002a). Leaders must understand his or her vision of the organization to introduce new products or services in the community to be innovativeRead MoreImproving End Of Life Care In The Icu. A Literature Review927 Words   |  4 PagesImproving End of Life Care in the ICU A literature review conducted by Crowe (2017) examines the role of ICU nurses in providing high quality end of life care in the ICU. He states that palliative nursing in the ICU is de-emphasized due to an increased focus on curative treatment. Four major themes have been identified that contribute to the poor management of critically ill patients needing palliative support. These themes include decision-making challenges, barriers, obtaining support and formationRead MoreApplication Letter For Student Writing Essay2493 Words   |  10 Pages) work with me today? I?m looking forward to reviewing it. Thanks too for your note in the appointment form! I?ll be glad to help you work on cohesiveness and clarity of ideas today. I want to share a few things about what you can expect from my review before you read through my comments on your work. First of all, I strive to make my comments as universally applicable as possible?while I?ll be giving feedback that is specific to this document, I hope you will find my comments helpful in futureRead MoreMilitary Service At The Civilian Job Market Essay2048 Words   |  9 Pageswhole (Sefa Dei, 1999). For this study, the social change implications are the potential awareness and understanding of business leaders on the full capability veterans may bring to their organization’s operational portfolio. Review of the Literature For the literature review, approximately 15 peer-reviewed scholarly articles and journals were reviewed. Also, to develop a baseline argument, four government websites, reports, and documents related to veteran hiring practices and the conceptual frameworkRead MoreAccess Care Barriers Within The Correctional Setting2968 Words   |  12 Pages Access to Care Barriers In the Correctional Setting Kimberly Abbott Walden University NURS8110-1, Assignment 7 – Theoretical and Scientific Foundations for Nursing November 2, 2014 Access to Care Barriers In the Correctional Setting Fawcett and Garrity (2009) have described nursing research as â€Å"a formal, systematic, and rigorous process of inquiry used to generate and test theories about the health-related experiences of human beings within their environments, and about the actionsRead MoreCensorship and Book Banning Essay1817 Words   |  8 Pagesbelieve Americans have the right to buy, stores have the right to sell, authors have the right to write and publishers have the right to publish constitutionally protected material. Period. (â€Å"Banned Books and Authors†). Harry Hoffman, president of Walden Book Co., Inc., is accurate in this aspect. When books are censored or banned, they are not eliminated from society; however, their message emanates to create an impact. Even if the public conceals the content in these books, the victims that theseRead MoreCritique Template For A Quantitative Study Essay2233 Words   |  9 Pagesthroughout this course and prepare you to utilize research in your p ractice, you will be critiquing a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods research study of your choice. If the article is unavailable in a full-text version through the Walden University Library, you must e-mail the article as a PDF or Word attachment to your Instructor. QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH CRITIQUE 1. Research Problem and Purpose What are the problem and purpose of the referenced study? (Sometimes ONLY the purpose is statedRead MoreCorporate Survival Strategy: Breakthrough Management5448 Words   |  22 Pagesunlearn what has been learnt learn new strategies for exponential growth. Review of Literature Due to the paucity of data, there are hardly any empirical studies on the Breakthrough Management on the developing countries. Most of the existing studies analyze Breakthrough in relation to developed countries. Breakthroughs suggest new beginnings: the opening of avenues for inquiry and discovery. Harvard Business Review, in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, scans diverse horizons for ideas

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